Web Exclusive: Six Ways to Increase Revenues Through Waxing!

lycon-wax[Image: Courtesy of Lycon]1) Provide an Exceptional Service. Keep clients coming back by offering a service they won’t forget. Make sure to welcome them into your space with a warm smile. Offer them a bottle of water or time to use the washroom before their treatment. Waxing clients are often hesitant and anxious, and calming their nerves will help them relax, making the service much easier to complete. Working with high-quality waxes that remove short, stubborn hair without leaving behind a sticky residue will allow you to offer the best service possible. Additionally, using the proper pre and post products will further soothe the skin and reduce any redness. It’s also important to educate the client on their service and explain that it’s helpful for them to return every 4-6 weeks to reduce discomfort associated with waxing. Little touches will add to the overall experience and they will leave feeling completely satisfied.

2) Create a Loyal Returning Customer With Membership Pricing. While facials and massages are viewed as luxury services, waxing is seen as a necessity that people can’t do without. As clients start waxing and begin to experience the long-term benefits, it quickly becomes a part of their regular beauty routine that easily fits into most budgets. Membership-priced packages give you the profits up-front while providing value for money for your clients. To increase sign-ups, it’s important to highlight the cost savings and extra membership perks on your website, in-store and on social media.

3) Lower Your Treatment Costs. Waxing is one of the more profitable spa offerings, thanks to its high margins and low overheads. Decreasing the cost per service can be accomplished in a number of ways, including reducing the amount of product used by selecting a wax that can be applied thinly and will pull the hairs effectively, thereby eliminating the need to go over the same area multiple times. Choosing quality products will enable you to speed up your services, opening up your appointment schedule and allowing you to fit more services into your day. The wonderful thing about waxing is that clients will instantly see the results and will want to return for a repeat service.

4) Upsell Your Services. Often, clients aren’t aware of all the services you may offer, so by suggesting they get an additional service while having a wax—example, a leg wax with their pedicure—will help you grow your business. Additionally, clients who come for one waxing service and have a good experience will often return for others (such as a brow and bikini wax). Word of mouth is also an effective way to get your services known: Running promotions such as “refer a friend” will encourage your current clients to spread the word!

5) Offer Retail Products. This is a great way to increase revenue while adding value to your overall service offering. With waxing it’s important to educate your clients on home care. Having them use the appropriate after-care products between waxing services will help you provide a smooth, comfortable wax each time they come in. For example, clients should be encouraged to exfoliate routinely between waxing services, so selling body exfoliants and scrubs is a great way to support your customers at home while increasing your overall revenue. Products focused on reducing ingrown hairs are also an excellent choice for retail.

6) Get People Talking! Because of its ability to achieve superior results in comparison to some other hair removal methods, waxing’s popularity has grown over the years and continues to do so. Differentiating your services by using top-notch products, educating your clients about home care and offering appropriate retail products will set your spa apart and build your reputation as a reliable waxing spot!

For more information, go to Lycon’s PRECISION WAX website.

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