[UPDATE] Bryte Restorative Beds Are Enhancing Hotels' Sleep Programming

Courtesy Of Bryet
Courtesy of Bryte

Bryte, makers of the AI-powered Restorative Bed, is now partnering with hotels for in-room wellness experiences aimed at improving guests' quality of sleep. The beds are being implemented as a component in sleep programming for guests, which also includes sleep suites and health retreats.

The Park Hyatt New York recently announced that they are launching a Bryte Restorative Sleep Suite, which will the Restorative Bed by Bryte, as well as sleep-enhancing amenities like the Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser and signature Sleep essential oil blend, Nollapelli linens, sleep masks and a collection of sleep-related books. 

The Bryte Restorative Bed features dynamic, real-time technology that intuitively adjusts based on the individual’s needs and preferences. An embedded sensory network detects biometrics, such as heart rate and breathing patterns, to identify when a sleeper enters the first stage of sleep, triggering cooling features to lower the body’s core temperature and gently lull sleepers into deep sleep. Meanwhile, computer-controlled air cushions alleviate pressure points by continually recalibrating the body's support. The technology also helps users wake naturally, via warming temperatures and lighting that mimics the sunrise, as well as the option of movement to gently nudge and softly awaken sleepers at the right time.

From the first night, guests will fall asleep faster, sleep longer and more soundly, and wake naturally feeling refreshed and restored. Over subsequent nights, the Restorative Bed continues to finetune settings like temperature and firmness, tailoring them to the individual to maximize sleep quality, including body-restorative deep sleep and mind-restorative REM sleep. Travelers can also create a portable profile, which saves their preferences for future stays at any hotel with the Bryte bed.

“As the hotel industry emerges from the pandemic downturn and people seek wellness as part of travel, The Restorative Bed is a key differentiator of the luxury hotel guest experience,” said Ely Tsern, cofounder and CEO of Bryte. “Wellness hospitality is clearly moving beyond the spa, and there is no better way to deliver wellness at scale than through every guest room."

Destinations already using the Restorative Bed include:

  • Fairmont Scottsdale Princess
  • Carillon Miami Wellness Resort
  • Cavallo Point San Francisco
  • The London West Hollywood
  • Park Terrace Hotel on Bryant Park
  • Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa

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