Eden Immersion Unveils Electric Cryotherapy Chambers

Eden Front

Whole body cryotherapy manufacturer Eden Immersion has introduced a three-unit electric product line: EdenEden Elite and Eden Pro booths. The cryotherapy booths are available for health and wellness spaces, as well as facilities focused on treating athletes. The newer electric technology is touted as being safer than more typical nitrogen-run options because electric models run no risk of leaks and—plus they're, no risk of asphyxiation and are more efficient to run.

Cryotherapy has been growing in popularity for some time, thanks to its ability to address a number of whole body concerns like inflammation and pain, in addition to improving performance and recovery for athletes and wellness seekers alike. 

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"Electric whole body cryotherapy is a game-changer," says Chyna Willman, cofounder of Eden Immersion. "It helped me transform a tired old gym into a state-of-the-art health and wellness facility." 

Eden's first electric cryo booth is currently in operation at Grit City Wellness in Tacoma, Washington. Willman reports that usage has gone from a few people who had already tried treatment to more than 100 sessions a week.

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