The Hype Behind Crystal Treatments

Different crystals in a row

People are increasingly curious about crystals in wellness, and these beautiful energetic tools are just waiting to be used in the spa setting. In a chaotic world, crystal energy can be just what the doctor ordered, the added bonus clients are flocking to in their lives and during their treatments. If you’re just embarking on your crystal journey, I always recommend starting with rose quartz. Rose quartz is a universal stone of love, compassion, empathy and friendship—and in the end, everything comes back to love and intuition. On that note, always follow your intuition when choosing your stones and crystals, because it will never lead you astray.

Mind Energy Connection

Everything is vibration and everything is energy. Our energy is very light and loves to do this dance with our mind. Where our mind goes, our energy follows and vice versa. However, crystal and stone energy maintains its own consistent vibration, making them the perfect tools for balancing energetic fluctuations. When working with crystals, we’re looking to achieve something called entrainment. It’s when two like energies brought near each other synchronize with one another. Since stones and crystals don’t have a mind of their own, their vibrations always stay true.

Crystals in Treatment

Crystal energy is most effective when touching the skin, so they’re perfect for use during facials, massages and other soothing and calming treatments where there is skin-to-skin contact. Before placing stones or crystals on or near someone, it’s good to ask if they’re sensitive to crystal energy. If so, it might be too much to place the crystals directly on their skin. If they’re unsure, keep the dialog open to allow for adjustments. You can place crystals on your guest’s forehead between the eyebrows, on the chest near the collar bone or, depending on their comfort level, a little lower on their décolletage.

If you offer a full chakra service of any kind, you can place crystals on top of the blanket in the appropriate chakra areas. For the root chakra, I recommend placing the crystal around the knee area or even at the feet. On the opposite end, you can place the crown chakra crystals on the table just above the client’s head.

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Jessica Hoch is the owner and creator of Moxie Malas, a crystal healing jewelry company. Her inspiration comes from 10 years of teaching yoga and reiki, as well as her background in fashion. Hoch travels the country teaching workshops on creating daily intention and meaning, and how crystals can support people in living their best lives.

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