Taste: Take a Dip (Zuchinni Hummus)

Zucchini Hummus 425

One of the best ways to keep your health goals on track is to add tasty and healthy snacks to the rotation, ensuring that you’re nourished and satiated without worrying about empty calories that can bog you down. Enter this low-cal Zucchini Hummus from professional chef Sylvia Fountaine’s blog, “Feasting at Home” (feastingathome.com).

Fountaine—who focuses on seasonal, vegetable-based recipes—notes that this quick and easy snack can be served warm or cold. “Use it to dip soft grilled pita bread or spread it in a wrap with grilled meat or veggies. It makes for a delicious, gluten-free, low carb, vegan spread, dip or side,” she says, adding that including a couple tablespoons of yogurt will make for a much creamier option.

Zucchini isn’t just low calorie; it’s also packed with vitamin C, folate and potassium, which help support digestion, heart health and immunity. Whether you graze on this hummus at home or pack it for a pick-me-up between clients, you can snack happy—and healthy—with this recipe in your repertoire.

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