Body & Mind Cleanse Retreat in Vietnam Facilitates Physical and Mental Detox

Body & Mind Cleanse Retreat in Vietnam
The four-night or seven-night offering is inspired by different healing modalities.
Photo courtesy of TIA Wellness Resort

TIA Wellness Resort, a luxury Vietnam destination, introduced a retreat package, "Body & Mind Cleanse," this January that features a raw food cuisine, detox therapies, and holistic well-being practices like sound healing and private yoga sessions. 

The four-night or seven-night offering is inspired by different healing modalities, so guests can detox and release toxins from the body, while also improving vitality through letting go of what’s holding them back on a mental level.

One of the main elements of the package is intermittent fasting, a practice where all the food consumed in a day is eaten during an eight-hour window. When the fast is broken, guests follow a plant-based raw food meal plan, designed to give them more energy, vitality and nutrients. The carefully-crafted meal plan is paired with a full schedule of healthy activities each day.

A typical day on the program starts with a private yoga lesson to activate oxygen flow and heat in the body. This is followed by a treatment in the wellness center, such as a Lymphatic Detox session, Bamboo Rollout treatment or Heart Stone Therapy. A private breathwork session rounds out the morning before a nutritious breakfast. 

Guests can then enjoy the property, with its tropical gardens and two pools (each villa also has its own private plunge pool), before a three-course raw lunch. Dishes include Beetroot Ravioli, filled with cashews and garlic herbs, served on avocado carpaccio, along with nutritious desserts such as raw Banoffee Trifle, consisting of blended nuts, dates and fresh bananas.

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There’s an optional creativity workshop, which takes an artistic approach to self-healing, followed by the Detox Hydrotherapy Circuit or Sound Healing Therapy. There is also an opportunity for a 30 minute Tai Chi session before a two-course raw dinner. The day ends with a treatment of the guest’s choice, ranging from facials to massages.

The Lymphatic Detox and Detox Hydro Circuit Therapy were both added to TIA’s offerings with this retreat package in mind. The Detox Hydro Circuit Therapy is a 60 minute detox journey, which consists of a herbal steam, a hydrotherapy massage, coffee and salt body scrub, a sauna, and an ice bath. Each step is guided by a skilled spa therapist. The Lymphatic Detox, is an 80 minute offering that uses rhythmic strokes to target the lymph nodes to support lymphatic drainage and stimulate the body's natural detoxification process.

For guests who opt for the seven-night option, day three starts early with a trip to the Marble Mountains, five karsts named for the five elements. This sacred spot near the property is famous for its caves with religious relics and is the location for a private yoga class. The experience is a variation on the TIA Tours, which are curated wellness experiences at nearby points of spiritual and cultural significance around the themes of Nourish (food), Flow (move), Breathe and Create.

“We designed this retreat so guests could empower the body to release toxins and move towards a more vibrant, and healthy lifestyle,” said Ramon Imper, general manager of the resort. “Although the gut plays an important role, it is one part of a greater system so a lot of the work we do during the program is geared towards liberating the mind from clutter, overthinking, and stress. We want the detox to occur on more than just a physical level.”

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