10 Yoga Poses for Wintertime Well-Being

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According to lululemon, DIY yoga has grown throughout the pandemic.

Lululemon brand ambassadors Katarina Rayburn and Darvina Plante often help people practice at home, and they're sharing their expertise with this list of their top 10 yoga poses that consumers are clamoring for this winter.

  1. Headstand: With more than 2 million posts on Instagram, this pose is having a moment. Headstand is an advanced inversion and, like most advanced poses, it depends on flexibility and strength. Importantly, it brings the head below the heart, which calms and grounds the mind. It can be done at any time, and it's particularly helpful when someone is feeling stressed or overwhelmed. 
  2. Wheel Pose: A very intense posture that involves a lot of whole body strength and flexibility. The anatomical structure of some people’s shoulders may prevent them from ever mastering this move.
  3. Tree Pose: Perfect for beginners, it builds balance, forces focus and helps clear the mind. It also builds unilateral (one-sided) strength that benefits plenty of other poses.
  4. Camel Pose: This heart opener is another energizing and uplifting move. Just remember that the person should only really lean into it when fully warmed up.
  5. Crow Pose: Immensely popular, crow is one of the first arm balances many aspiring yogis seek to master. Here, the arms are bent at an angle, requiring core and arm strength.
  6. Crane Pose: Crane pose requires a large degree of patience, balance and upper body strength, targeting the arms and core, as well as the wrists, glutes and shoulder stabilizers.
  7. King Pigeon: Often referred to as pigeon pose, and not to be confused with the pigeon stretch. This pose lends itself well to yoga accessories, including straps (around the rear foot) or a block under the hip for additional support.
  8. Lotus Pose: An ancient asana with several scalable positions to suit individual flexibility and strength levels. This is not a beginner's pose, as it involves external rotation of the hips that often isn’t possible without practice. 
  9. Side Plank: This pose will strengthen the core, arms and legs while working on leg and back flexibility. Classed as an intermediate move, beginners needn’t be put off—there are plenty of regressions and progressions to ensure  benefit, no matter the level. 
  10. Bow Pose: This deep yoga pose focuses on lying face down and bending the back. It helps yogis work on opening the chest and shoulders while improving the hip flexor function. Energizing and uplifting, it’s perfect in a morning routine. 
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