SunKiss Creates 6 Pre-Sun Cabana Treatments

sunkiss sunspa cabana
SunSpa offers a variety of bespoke pre-sun treatments.

SunKiss has created SunSpa, which offers cabanas and a menu of bespoke pre-sun treatments for safer tanning. 

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The new menu includes six pre-sun treatments:

  1. Monaco Top-to-Toe: a luxurious pre-sun treatment with a range of SPF factors and a hint of the brand's Sea Glow mixture.
  2. My Fair Lady: complete sun protection for fairer skin.
  3. Bronze Beauty: a Glow sun and body oil treatment for darker skin types.
  4. ManKind: pre-sun treatment for men.
  5. The Retox: SPF-based massage.
  6. Kissed by the Sun: an after-sun treatment with aloe and bergamot.

“Many essential oils are photo-sensitive and can cause burning, blistering and permanent (or semi-permanent) discoloration when exposed to the sun, so spa customers who enjoy an aromatherapy massage or treatment are advised against sunbathing that day. Having trialed our alternative service successfully with our partners at Nikki Beach and The W Palm, we are now offering bespoke pre-sun treatments to resorts across the UAE and beyond,” said Joanna Barclay, cofounder of SunKiss.

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