Body Exfoliation Breakdown: Treatments, Concerns and More

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Body exfoliation benefits and treatments.

Let me whisper something in your ear: How often do your guests voice an issue with the skin on their bodies? What would you say their top issues or concerns are? Do you offer solid solutions to address those concerns?

There have been countless times where, as I built a rapport with my clients working in the treatment room, they would share their issues and concerns with the skin on their bodies. As a consultant, I find that this is a frequent opportunity that spas miss in terms of their body services and retail. If this sounds like your guests, I must remind you of this one solution:

  • Body exfoliation.
  • Body Care Concerns
  • Let’s first look at the top five most common concerns that our clients raise as issues with the skin on their bodies.

Keratosis pilaris, often called “chicken skin,” typically occurs on the upper arms or thighs. It presents as tiny bumps covering the skin. They resemble goosebumps, but they have a red or brown appearance. For some, it looks like small pimples and can cause discoloration to the area.

Keratosis pilaris happens when hair follicles, which many forget are all over the body, become clogged with dead cell buildup. It is often made worse by the use of drying products and lack of exfoliation.

Folliculitis, or ingrown hair, is also related to clogged hair follicles. In this case, the hair cannot push through the follicle and grows back into itself, causing infection within the follicle. Ingrown hairs are often accompanied by pustular bumps as a result.

Folliculitis is even more common in those with coarse or coiled textured hair. It can occur anywhere on the body, but most commonly in areas where hair is naturally thicker, such as the underarms and pubic region. It is important to keep the skin of the body hydrated and exfoliated so that the hairs can grow without obstruction.

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Toshiana Baker is the founder of SpaWorx (, a consulting and training development agency for spa, beauty and wellness organizations. She is also the founder of the Network of Multi-Cultural Spa and Wellness Professionals (NMSWP), a groundbreaking community to create a sense of belonging for underrepresented and marginalized spa pros.

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