5 Sugaring Protocols

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As the weather warms up and sweatpants are packed away, more clients will be looking for hair removal services. Those interested in a more natural modality will love sugaring, which only requires three ingredients: honey or sugar, water and lemon juice. Here are some sugaring protocols foryour natural hair removal menu.

Body Sugaring


  1. Utilizing your client intake form, discuss any issues or sensitivities your sugaring client may have. Educate them on how sugaring works so they understand the benefits.
  2. Invite your client to lay down on a sanitized table, preferably on a mat that can be easily sanitized and disinfected in between appointments.
  3. Prep skin by applying a gentle foaming cleanser or pre-cleanse tonic/micellar water to remove dirt, oil, lotion and makeup. Use a 4x4 or cotton round to apply and thoroughly cleanse.
  4. Apply a light dusting of drying powder with a cotton round to the area to remove excess moisture.
  5. Wear tight fitting nitrile gloves on both hands. Remove a ball of sugar from the sugar jar that is an appropriate size for the body part you are sugaring. You will use a soft formula paste for large areas and a medium formula for smaller areas such as bikini or underarms. Firm formulas are used when the treatment room is in a humid, hot climate. Sugar paste formulas can be mixed together to custom blend a consistency that is right for each treatment.
  6. Hold the skin taut with your support hand and lightly apply the ball of sugar against the direction of hair growth, ideally starting and ending in an area with no hair for maximum comfort.
  7. Mold the sugar paste with light pressure 3 to 4 times, gliding off in a 45 degree angle at the end of each pass.
  8. To remove, on the end of the last mold/pass, lightly drop your wrist and quickly flick the sugar paste with the direction of hair growth. (Imagine this movement is like folding a burrito!)
  9. For the comfort of your client, follow each flick with your support hand and apply a light pressure to the freshly sugared area.
  10. Work in a consistent, organized pattern to complete the entire area.
  11. Upon completion, review the surface of the skin and use “one finger flicks” to clean up any stray hairs. No tweezing should be needed with the proper technique!
  12. Apply a calming/soothing serum of your choice to the freshly sugared area. A light, fragrance-free moisturizer is also a beautiful compliment.
  13. Home care is a must! Educate your client about the importance of a committed routine in between appointments. Light exfoliation and hydration to keep the skin barrier healthy are important for all body parts.
  14. Rebook them before they leave. Sugar clients will see the best results by visiting you approximately every 4 weeks based on hair growth. Educate them on the best times and remind them that sugar appointments book up, so they don’t want to miss time with you!

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