Spa Showcase: The Spa at Palms in Las Vegas

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Need To Know

A gorgeous getaway from the hustle and bustle of the Vegas strip, The Spa at Palms in Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas opened its doors this past July. The modern wellness space invites locals and tourists alike to experience a blissful mix of treatments, including decadent facials and bodywork, chakra balancing, reiki, crystals, aromatherapy and holistic couples packages. The three-level “alternative bohemian oasis” is 20,000 square feet, with 15 treatment rooms, four skincare studios, two couples suites, eucalyptus steam room, sauna, water lounge, coed social lounge, salon and fitness area. The salon and fitness rooms overlook the KAOS day/night club, and certain spa spaces even allow clients to listen to the popular club’s live music.


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Business Savvy
Spa director Brandy Ashford has a team-based approach to operations. “I like to work directly with everyone, learn their strengths and weaknesses, and build their confidence in terms of guest relations,” she says. “I allow staff to explore the spa menu so they feel inspired and enthusiastic, which is helpful when guiding and upselling services. I redirect energy when I see a team member is down and create a positive environment. Most importantly, employees like to feel heard; we spend time ensuring everyone is happy and loves the place they work, because it translates to the overall client experience.”

The Spa naturally attracts hotel guests looking to be pampered before going out on the town, but Ashford notes that such experiences are also trendy among those who live nearby. “Las Vegas locals have a big appetite for the city’s luxury spas,” she says. “So, we offer locals’ discounts midweek, and we’ll retain that business by providing excellent service, seasonally and topically relevant treatments, and a thoughtful programming calendar that taps into the wellness sensibility that our clients demand.” Luckily, getting the word out hasn’t been a problem thanks to the hotel’s PR efforts. “Palms has an ongoing partnership with REVOLVE, which brings us the biggest influencers in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle space,” adds Ashford. “Plus, the hotel’s own social media channels have been a big awareness driver; so far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Signature Services
The Spa has created bodywork treatments tailored to the recipient’s astrological sign and aimed at rejuvenation inside and out. Enlightening Therapy, Elevate Therapy, Reignite Soul Therapy and Body Harmony Grounding Therapy (all 50 min./$180 Mon.-Thur.; $190 Fri.-Sun.) each include custom massage techniques, aromatherapy, gemstones and chakra work based on what water, air, fire or earth signs need. Perhaps The Spa’s most unique offering, the Oracle Reflection & Chakra Balancing Treatment (50 min./$185 Mon.-Thur.; $195 Fri.-Sun.) starts with an oracle card reading to determine underlying chakra issues. The therapist places crystals on the body while reciting healing affirmations, then performs a pendulum reading to ensure the client is balanced. “It’s special because it offers guests a customized and personal treatment specific to their current state,” says Ashford.

—Laura Waldon 

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