Professional Hair Removal Tips, Tricks and Ingredients to Ensure the Best Services

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By Elena -

We asked if hair removal services are important to your spa business, and 71% of you said yes! So, we gathered these tips and tricks for upping your spa's head-to-toe hair removal game.

Pre- and Post-Care Tips for Flawless Hair Removal: Expert advice for avoiding pain, hyperpigmentation, breakouts and ingrown hairs related to waxing and hair removal services. 

Tips and Advice for Facial Hair Removal: Industry veterans share their best strategies specifically for the face. 

Special Considerations for Hair Removal: Ideas for removing hair from clients with sensitive skin, uncommon areas, fine hair and more.

Hair Removal Experts Discuss the Key Ingredients in Their Products: An inside look at top hair removal ingredients, straight from the source. 

Top Tips for Seamless Summer Hair Removal: Experts weigh in on how you can tailor treatments just for summer. 

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