Lymphatic Drainage + IV Therapy Treatments for Summer

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Check out the new range of innovative treatments perfect for summer coming to Sunny's Spa in Oceanside.
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Sunny's Spa & Beauty Lounge within The Seabird Ocean Resort & Spa is helping guests celebrate summer with a new range of innovative treatments. The resort is introducing IV, lymphatic and craniosacral therapies that are tailored to promote hydration, boost energy and revitalize the body. Offering a blend of both traditional and holistic rituals, the full-service spa also features classic massages, innovative treatments and a full-service beauty lounge.

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From combating fatigue with a blend of B vitamins and electrolytes in the Fatigue Fighter to restoring skin radiance with vitamin C and biotin in the Skin Glow treatment, and overcoming jet lag symptoms with immune-supporting vitamins in The Jetsetter, these IV therapies cater to various needs.

IV Therapy

Hydrate, combat fatigue, restore skin's glow, overcome jet lag, reduce brain fog, supercharge the immune system and more with these IV therapy treatments:

  • The Chill Out: This IV will lower anxiety and help guests feel refreshed, centered and hydrated. Remedy nausea, fatigue, foggy brain and headache after a night on the town. Each IV comes with one liter of electrolyte and mineral hydration.
  • Skin Glow: Restore skin, help reduce wrinkles and revive its natural glowing look with vitamin C, biotin and glutathione.
  • The Jetsetter: Overcome jet lag symptoms with electrolyte fluid, immune-supporting vitamins, and amino acids that will help balance the body’s circadian rhythm.
  • The After Party: Recover from the morning after feelings of headache, nausea, brain fog, and fatigue with a blend of electrolytes, hydration, liver cleanse and energy vitamins.
  • NAD+ IV (120 minutes): The gold standard for anti again, this IV will repair and restore the cells and hack the guest's biological clock to feel and look younger. Remedy nausea, fatigue, foggy brain and headache after a night on the town.

Lymphatic and Craniosacral Therapy

  • Craniosacral Therapy (30 min., $150): Precise and specific touch coupled with clear intention used to unwind restrictions to motion in the cranial rhythmic impulse.
  • Lymphatic Facial Flow (30 min., $150): Gentle technique promotes movement of lymphatic fluid found below the surface of the skin to enhance the skin's natural radiance, reduce puffiness and enhance the natural contours of the face.
  • Lymphatic Full Body Flow (60 min., $275): Gentle full body technique promotes activation of the parasympathetic nervous system while moving lymphatic fluid back into the bloodstream, thus cleansing the body and enhancing natural contours.

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