Spas of Latin America and the Caribbean: Ancient Tradition Meets Modern Technique


These seven spas from Latin America and the Caribbean combine ancient tradition with modern technique for a soothing balance of pampering and relaxation. Whether borrowing treatments from the Mayan and Aztec cultures or incorporating the natural resources from the surrounding landscapes, their summer services are sure to be a hit with stress-relief seeking spa-goers looking to get away from it all.

The 6,560 square-foot Jasha Spa features 12 treatment rooms, an outdoor garden and patio surrounding the spa, vitality pools, an indoor pool and private Jacuzzis… but the highlight is the pre-Hispanic Temazcal, a Mexican sweat lodge used by ancient Aztecs as a therapeutic instrument to promote healing, health and well-being. Even just a few minutes in here will detox the body and leave you renewed.


The Ohtli Spa offers ancient healing traditions and treatments from the Huichol Indians integrated with modern techniques. A crowd favorite is the Rebirth Therapy session which uses the healing power of water. It is said our cells store memories and this experience may reconnect you to pre-birth life in your mother’s womb (hence, “rebirth”). Before entering the spa pool, goggle masks are provided covering the nose and eyes, as all breathing is to be done through the mouth. When ready, the therapist guides you into the water and lays your body float, gently keeping your mouth above water during the first half of the therapy. The movements are rhythmical and repeat themselves like choreography, so you begin to trust the movements and relax your body. Once you’re completely relaxed, the therapist submerges you in the water only for a few seconds. He’ll perform a few submersions while the soft, underwater light helps to release emotional tension. Regular treatments lead to increased flexibility and a strengthened immune system.



These sister properties share a high-end spa at the JW Cancun which is heavily influenced by Mayan culture. The Mayan Herbal Exfoliation is a highly-recommended treatment complete with native herbs, oats and oils to leave you feeling baby-skin fresh. Or book the Shiatsu Therapy which uses shiatsu, the ancient art of “energy work,” to work through specific trigger points of the body to release energy blockages and help the body achieve optimal energy flow.



This Balinese-inspired Mandara Spa is the largest professional spa on the island of Aruba. Sticking to its roots, the Balinese Body Polish is the recommended exfoliation treatment complete with natural ingredients from Bali – choose from Coffee, Lime, Ginger and/or Balinese Boreh.


The cliff-side and oceanfront Frenchman’s Reef Marriott is famous for stunning views. Spa goers enjoy treatments while taking in the views, as the property offers three poolside massage cabanas overlooking the infinity pool edge and surrounding ocean, mountains and cityscape. Can’t go wrong with a standard massage here.


The Grand Cayman Marriott is located on the famed Seven Mile Beach packed with sugary white sands… so take advantage of those natural ingredients and book the Beach Glow sea-salt body scrub at La Mer Spa. Feels good to get back to the basics!


It’s a tropical vacation, so don’t be surprised when the spa at St. Kitts Marriott whips out warm bamboo stalks to work out all your kinks. Book the Bamboo Massage in one of their beach cabanas — the soothing ocean sounds and sea breeze will not disappoint.


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