Reflexology Pool, Celestial Bathing & More Immersive Amenities at The Well at Chileno Bay

Reflexology Pool, Celestial Bathing and More Immersive Amenities at The Well at Chileno Bay
THE WELL brings its personalized approach to addressing the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of well-being for its guests.
Photos courtesy of The Well at Chileno Bay

Chileno Bay Resort & Residences of the Auberge Resorts Collection in Los Cabos announced the highly anticipated opening of THE WELL at Chileno Bay. THE WELL brings its personalized approach to addressing the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of well-being for its guests. 

Inspired by the healing traditions of Baja California, THE WELL balances modern and ancient ways of living with cutting-edge, results-oriented experiences that harness the healing power of both science and nature. The energy of life at THE WELL at Chileno Bay flows like water and promotes relaxation, allowing guests to reconnect and recharge. 

Reflexology Pool, Celestial Bathing and More Immersive Amenities at The Well at Chileno BayPhoto courtesy of The WELL at Chileno Bay

Guest Experience & Amenities 

Honoring the local Mexican heritage, the wellness destination offers East-meets-West treatments, unique immersive experiences, dedicated health coaching, a calendar of seasonal retreats, a robust Visiting Masters program curated with expert healers and daily Mindful Movement classes from Embody Yoga and Meditation to Water Spinning and COMPLETE — a signature class from THE WELL that blends strength training and yoga. 

With the backdrop of a peaceful zen garden with plants and native flowers, guests will be able to take a moment to set an intention of where they want to go and release what no longer serves them — rooting themselves in the present with a tailored sensorial experience. 

THE WELL at Chileno Bay has curated nine new wellness rooms, including one suite to make wellness part of one’s entire stay, featuring specialized in-room wellness essentials, well-being amenities and daily access to THE WELL. Guests’ in-room experience is elevated through a curated menu of wellness items thoughtfully placed throughout — from a light therapy mask and exfoliating mitt to affirmation cards and foot massage rollers. 

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The Bath House

Every guest’s wellness journey begins at The Bath House where guests will use rituals and the senses to attune the mind, body and spirit. The smell of local herbs to clear the mind. The vibrations of the grounding sound bowl to attune the body and spirit at a cellular level. The touch of hot and cold experiences on the body to boost the lymphatic system and awaken the mind. The taste of fresh juices full of antioxidants to nourish the body. The sight of oneself in nature and placing on the path to whole-person healing. Guests will feel rebalanced and reinvigorated after The Attunement at The Bath House. 

The Nap Garden & Reflexology Pool

The full wellness experience ends at The Nap Garden & Reflexology Pool. Featuring a pebbled floor to stimulate the reflex points and calm the nervous system, the Reflexology Pool allows guests to activate their senses through a self-guided therapy. The Nap Garden is the perfect spot to sip on refreshing beverages from the purifying menu and experience a self-guided nap for a restful afternoon.


Bringing its tailored approach to whole-person care, THE WELL at Chileno Bay will newly introduce THE WELL Reset, a four-day program designed by its Chief Medical Officer, Frank Lipman, MD, to help jumpstart guests’ journey to better health. Available year-round and launching the summer of 2023, the program begins with a consultation with a dedicated health coach who will discuss guests’ wellness goals and preferences to help curate a personalized itinerary of custom treatments, movement programming and nutrition. Whether it’s balancing the blood sugar, enhancing detoxification or optimizing metabolic function, the results-driven program provides tools and practices to support each guest’s wellness journey during and after their stay. 

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The Method

THE WELL at Chileno Bay’s transformative treatment concepts marry ancient traditions with the latest scientific innovations. One of THE WELL signature treatments is The Method, a five-step advanced bodywork method that helps build a healthy body for better range of motion, increased energy, healthful aging and improved skin complexion. 

Celestial Bathing

One of the signature offerings is Celestial Bathing, a spiritual therapy that layers ancient traditions with modern techniques. Guests will begin with a candlelit evening ritual, then float in the serene outdoor pool looking up at the moon and stars for a sensory biodynamic water treatment. 

Better Sleep Program

With THE WELL and Auberge Resorts Collection’s partnership, guests’ sleep health is further optimized with the Better Sleep program, where they can tap into curated content, expert tips and tools developed in collaboration with Dr. Frank Lipman while pairing with the calming lavender scent of the exclusive THE WELL Relax Everything Mist. 

“THE WELL at Chileno Bay is so special and stands alone in the depth and diversity of wellness experiences it offers guests,” said Sarrah Hallock, COO and CoFounder of THE WELL. “Everything from the tranquil rooms to the incredibly nourishing and delicious food to the exclusive wellness treatments and services harness the innate magic and healing power of Cabo.”

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