8 Wellness Tips from The WELL

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Self-care has become more important than ever in 2020, with people turning to different forms and methods of practicing wellness in the crazy year. The WELL, a 15,000 square-foot hub for luxury wellness, has released its top tips for practicing self-care in a shift to focus on e-commerce and educational divisions for wellness, according to Forbes. In this effort, the WELL launched Reemerge, which is a three-step series focused on Ayurveda techniques to help consumers adjust to the new normal after Covid-19. 

Tip 1: Find Your Rhythm

More specifically, find your circadian rhythm. The WELL notes that waking up early (between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m.) is one of the best ways to curb negative thinking and increase mental clarity and positivity. Early rising also helps boost sleep quality. 

Tip 2: Eating Oily

Ayurveda focuses greatly on nutrition by comparing digestive capacity to a physical fire. Eating warm foods that have been cooked in natural oils allows your body to better function in terms of circulating nutrition in the body and eliminating waste. The WELL also suggests that people turn to probiotics if they're facing digestive issues. 

Tip 3: Power Poses

Yoga is a fantastic wellness practice, so the Reemerge course touches on two simple poses that can benefit long-term wellness. These poses are Thunderbolt Pose, which is best after eating to support digestion; and Cobra Pose, which helps awaken the upper body and channel strength. 

Tip 4: Self Massage

The key to giving yourself a massage when it comes to Ayurvedic practices is using oil, like coconut or sesame oil. This can help reduce pain, ward off exhaustion, nourish the body and equip the body with longevity to boost sleep and healthy skin.

Tip 5: Essential Oils

Scent is linked to a lot of things like memory and the earth element in Ayurveda. Smelling essential oils can help stabilize the mind, energize the body, and promote calm and sleep. 

Tip 6: Fresh Flowers

Different flowers hold different healing powers when it comes to their scent, appearance and spiritual healing. Appreciating flowers can be done by looking at them, smelling them and even putting petals in the bath. 

Tip 7: Candle Intentions

Lighting candles can easily bring on a sense of calm and relaxation. However, setting a candle with a specific intention can provide a more intense wellness boost. Candles symbolize and represent knowledge, illumination and winning over darkness. 

Tip 8: Find Destiny

"Gazing at your hands and affirming that wisdom and power lies in your hands first thing in the morning sets the tone for your day in a powerful way that has the potential to shape your destiny and help you be the change you wish to see in the world,” says Ananta Ajmera, director of Ayurveda at The WELL.

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