Emerging Trends in Meditation

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Meditation methods can be flexible and enhance relaxation, mindfulness and stress management.

Meditation continues to grow and change in the spa and wellness industry, thanks to technological advancements as well as growing consumer demand. We reached out to industry experts to learn all about the latest meditation trends.

Continue reading our Digital Magazine for insights from industry experts on what is trending in meditation including...

  1. How meditation is attracting guests in their late-20s - from Ebru Evrim, Ebru Evrim Yoga Pilates
  2. The flexibility of meditation methods - from Ellie Stefano, Palo Verde Spa & Apothecary
  3. Meditation as a path toward mindfulness and stress management - from Jim Poole, Solace Lifesciences and NuCalm
  4. Meditation’s ability to enhance the ultimate relaxing experience - from Terrie Absher, Total Glow
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