Accor Launches "Health to Wealth" Podcast

Health to Wealth podcast on Spotify

Accor has launched "Health to Wealth," a podcast series exploring the current state of well-being and the defining issues of our time. 

"Health to Wealth" is an informative podcast that engages leading thinkers of today, It will be followed by an entrepreneurial start-up challenge in Paris and a white paper exploring the latest research in health, societal structure and responsibility, global shifts, responses and predictions.

Episodes feature discussions with wellness mainstays, including:

  • Wim Hof discussing democratic access to health and the power of the breath 
  • Kate Cook addressing the impact of nutritional health on business performance
  • Saasha Celestial-One outlining her real-world response to waste 
  • Manuel Muniz on the subject of technology, its impacts and strategic possibilities 
  • Thierry Malleret on well-being, changing values and global macro forces
  • Oli Patrick & Harry Jameson on fitness, resilience and countering stress
  • Olaf Blanke on how our body sense is governed by neuroscience  

"The goal of hospitality is to provide a warm welcome, a spirit of caring and a sense of well-being," said Emlyn Brown, global vice president, Well-Being, Accor. "We are excited to debut 'Health to Wealth' and take our mission of care to the next level, convening a diverse group of innovative minds to act as a positive force for change that we hope will inspire mental and physical wholeness and a greater sense of well-being in what is a very complex and ever-changing world."

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