Spa Space App Appoints New VP People, Finance, and Administration

Jim Dass, VP of People, Finance and Administration
Jim Dass, VP of People, Finance and Administration
Courtesy of Spa Space

Ilana Alberico, CEO of Spa Space, has announced that Jim Dass has joined the company as VP of people, finance and administration.

Spa Space is a membership-based booking and scheduling software system that serves spa professionals, clients and facilities. 

Dass has over 20 years of experience, across different industries, as a global human resource executive and transformational business leader.

Dass joins the Spa Space team to support the company’s expansion with innovative strategies to grow financial and human capital.

“I am so excited to be part of the Spa Space team. This talented leadership team, the vision of the company and the revolution we are creating in this industry are so inspiring. We are going to do great things here,” said Dass. “We all believe that people are the center of everything we do, and we are building a vibrant engagement culture and letting our folks stretch and grow.” Dass’ vast background includes executive positions in consumer products and industrial-based businesses. Specialties include the creation of an engaged employee culture and diversity and inclusion programs. His strategic initiatives have improved the top and bottom line while i increasing employee retention and satisfaction. In previous roles, he has expanded valuations by 3x, grew EBITDA margins and supported extensive product launch and cash flow improvement strategies.

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