True Rest Brings Sensory Deprivation to Florida

True Rest Float Spa's sensory deprivation tanks.
True Rest Float Spa's sensory deprivation tanks.
Courtesy of True Rest Float Spa

True Rest Float Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, has debuted its sensory deprivation tanks, according to The Palm Beach Post

The egg-shaped tanks contain water that is heated to skin temperature and saturated with Epsom salt, providing buoyancy so that clients can float without support. (Rings are provided for the head and neck if needed.) 

The environment provides a natural way to help relieve stress, anxiety, pain and sleep issues. "It's effectively a zero-gravity environment. There you are floating on top of this water that's heated to the temperature of your skin, so you don't really feel your skin. The idea is that by removing external stimuli, the brain has a chance to focus on the inside, and allows your nervous system to disconnect from the real world and heal," says owner Matt Ringler.

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