Green Spa Network Launches Pledge for the Planet Campaign

going-green[Image: RomoloTavani/istock]

The Green Spa Network (GSN) has announced its Pledge for the Planet campaign, created in an effort to remain responsive to continually evolving green principles, products and technologies. To apply “best environmental practices” in ways that will make a difference for the spa, hospitality and wellness industry, the pledge encompasses the following eight points:

  • Limit plastics
  • Reduce water usage
  • Recycle
  • Switch to alternative energy
  • Plant trees
  • Choose organic food and products
  • Reduce meat and dairy consumption
  • Share education and resources

The campaign encourages all members of the wellness industry to commit to this plan—at home, at work and in their communities—by Earth Day 2020, and to share their efforts on social media with the hashtags #bethechange and #pledgefortheplanet. Learn more at

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