Jurlique Announces Major Expansion Plans

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Jurlique is excited to introduce their latest brand strategy to gear up for double-digit growth in the US. The brand will return to their heritage and take a deep dive into the spa industry with an aggressive expansion of concept spas and services offered nationwide. With their spa presence globally, Jurlique plans to put a major emphasis to continue to introduce their unique combination of modern style and cutting-edge treatments, along with new professional products.

Going back to their roots to bring to life the efficacy that natural skincare can achieve, Jurlique believes in having consumers experience the incredible results of these offerings first-hand via professional spa treatments, in order to secure these consumers as brand loyalists. This shift is also due to shopping behavior changes, as customers are no longer shopping in-store and are instead doing so online. In the case that they are visiting retail stores, they’re purchasing products after an impactful first-hand experience. “While foot traffic in a lot of retail destinations is down, the spa industry is growing in excess of 5 percent a year,” says Louis Chabert, Marketing and Operations Director, North America, for Jurlique. “Spas offer the perfect environment for telling Jurlique’s natural heritage. The spas give us the opportunity to show the industry what we are capable of. We’re excited to properly tell our brand story and show consumers first-hand,” explained Chabert.

With many brands falsely promoting natural messaging, Jurlique has always been at the forefront of combining the brand’s expertise of growing and crafting pure and effective skincare with holistic therapies from around the world. Truly authentic and the leaders in natural beauty, this is all evident and built upon Jurlique’s brand DNA: The Power of Nature, The Purity of The South Australian Hills, Caring From Seed to Skin and With Radiance Comes Confidence. With skincare, health and wellbeing, nature is always the answer.

One of the hero treatments that will be offered at all locations is their new Revitalizing Antioxidant Facial ($160+ for 50 minutes), which provides an instant glow to provide luminous skin, uses plant-based antioxidants, a powerful triple-phase Vitamin C treatment followed by an amethyst energizing facial massage. This ritual, including incorporating crystals into the new treatments, will harness the power of nature by connecting with consumers while allowing their inner beauty to shine through and leaving skin looking and feeling radiant, healthy and glowing.

The complete list of signature facial and body treatments available at Jurlique Spa:

  • Revitalizing Antioxidant Facial (50 minutes): Layer upon layer of potent, plant-based antioxidants are utilized to revive dull, fatigued skin. A thorough cleansing and enzymatic exfoliation is followed by an amethyst energizing facial massage. A powerful triple-phase Vitamin C treatment is utilized to help reverse fine lines, stimulate collagen production, and leave the skin looking refreshed and beautifully luminous. 
  • Hydrating Rose Facial (80 minutes): Every skin type needs hydration to look and feel amazing, and this treatment is perfect when you want that extra boost.  Nourishing rose extracts and rose hip oil help skin retain vital hydration and restore that critical balance.  A warmed rose quartz massage helps to increase micro-circulation and lock in replenishing moisture. Rich in essential fatty acids and natural humectants, this facial infuses the skin with extreme moisture, keeping it smooth and glowing.
  • Ultimate Radiance Facial (50 minutes): The signature treatment, customized for your skin’s exact needs, will leave you feeling balanced with a healthy glow. Following an analysis by one of our expert Estheticians, your treatment will be designed with only you in mind.  Cleansing, exfoliation, a grounding massage, and masks are all personalized to guarantee you gorgeous, radiant skin. 
  • Anti-Stress Soothing Facial (50 minutes): Specially designed for skin that is sensitive or reactive to environmental elements. Our unique plant extract blends are renowned for balancing the skin and easing redness, irritation and dryness. Featuring organic Calendula and Echinacea, this treatment will help to reduce inflammation and repair the skin’s natural barrier function. Scolecite crystals and cool botanical compresses help calm and comfort even the most delicate skin.
  • Nutri-Define Anti-Aging Facial (80 minutes): Reignite your skin’s youthful luminosity by targeting the multiple signs of ageing. This decadent treatment is as powerful as it is luxurious.  A combination of 5 botanical life-changers in a natural, high-tech delivery system, is the key to the exceptional age erasing results. A proprietary facial contouring technique using precious stones helps to detoxify and revitalize your skin, leaving it redefined and radiant, with a more youthful appearance.
  • Purely Detoxifying Facial (50 minutes): Deeply cleanse the skin with purifying botanicals and natural antioxidants to remove impurities and toxins.  A thorough cleanse and dual exfoliation remove the build-up of dead cells and sebum, while a calming Amethyst massage reveals a brighter, clearer complexion. Effective anti-inflammatory and cell renewing botanicals help to repair and revitalize, leaving skin smooth and refreshed.
  • Instant Radiance Facial (25 minutes): This express treatment is a condensed version of our customized facial that is loaded with results. Personalized to just what your skin requires, this facial is ideal to add on to your massage or body treatment or for when you are just short on time.
  • Renewing Ritual (25 minutes): Jumpstart your results by adding a quick boost to your skincare program. Choose from either our illuminating Vitamin C treatment or alpha hydroxyl acid exfoliation. This is not a full facial, but an enhancement to your regular treatment schedule. Since the benefits are cumulative, best results are seen when completed as a series of treatments.
  • Softening Rose Body Treatment (50 minutes): Buff away dry, rough skin while infusing the body with layers of rich moisture. This decadent, hydrating body treatment pays tribute to the Rose, queen of the botanicals. This precious rose extract, grown on our farm in the South Australian Hills, offers softening, balancing, and nurturing benefits. Avocado and macadamia nut oils, rich in essential fatty acids, help to improve tone and resiliency.
  • Calming Lavender Mud Wrap (50 minutes): Escape from daily stress and find your balance with this tranquil body envelopment. Calming and soothing Lavender extract is paired with a thick, rich moor mud wrap. Loaded with trace elements and essential minerals, impurities are released as your mind drift off, only to emerge renewed and refreshed with a beautiful sense of calm.
  • Refreshing Citrus Body Exfoliation (50 minutes):  Uplifting and revitalizing, this total body exfoliation effectively removes dull, dry skin and invigorates the senses. Pure mandarin, tangerine, and lemon essential oils stimulate and brighten the skin, leaving you feeling energized, moisturized, and refreshed.
  • Purifying Back Treatment (50 minutes):  A detoxifying and clarifying treatment created specifically for the health and beauty of the back. This treatment combines double exfoliation, a lemon detox massage, and a purifying mask to help remove pore clogging debris and reduce the appearance of blemishes. The skin is left looking smoother, clearer, and brighter.

Beginning with the Jurlique Spa at InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta, which launched in November 2017, and a relaunch of the Jurlique Spa at Great Jones in New York City in January 2018, Jurlique also plans to open flagship Spa locations in the backend of 2018.

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