One on One: Louis Chabert, Marketing & Operations Director, Jurlique North America

louis-chabert[Image: Courtesy of Louis Chabert and Jurlique]As a Frenchman who has worked in Australia and now the U.S., you’ve had an interesting career. Tell us some of the highlights.

There’s actually just one: spending time with [Jurlique cofounder] Ulrike Klein and learning about her vision for the brand, and her passion for nature and people. She’s such an inspirational person: strong, but humble and caring.

What’s the brand’s hero product?

Our Rosewater Balancing Mist—we sell over 500,000 bottles a year. The product’s simple yet effective organic rose extracts give it a unique scent and feel. It really transforms your skin and how you approach your day. It’s like magic in a bottle!

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Why is natural skin care so important now?

Jurlique was born more than 30 years ago, when nobody was interested in natural skin care. Today, it has become a necessity— people no longer want to compromise. This shift is happening all over the world and it’s fantastic. It shows that humans are now concerned about the planet as well as their health, and they believe in a more sustainable future.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?

Working for Jurlique doesn’t feel like working! The challenge is to stop and spend time with my family. But I love the brand so much that I want to see it receive the recognition it deserves in the U.S.


What’s the key thing you want people to know about Jurlique?

That we care, from the seed to the skin. At our beautiful farm in South Australia, we plant and harvest by hand according to biodynamic principles. We then take care of the botanical extraction, formulation and production ourselves. This means that we don’t just guarantee the purity and quality of our products; we also put an intent that is unique in every container.

Tell us your biggest fear.

I don’t believe in fear. When I get scared, I make sure I understand why, and I take the appropriate actions to deal with it.

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What do you miss most about France?

The French Riviera. Although I grew up in Paris, I love the South—its beautiful beaches, its kind, loving people and the best produce on the planet!

How do you unwind?

I love listening to music (sitting in the car in L.A.’s traffic, I have plenty of time to indulge that!); meditation, which I practice it every day no matter what—it makes me a better person; and my kids, two little miracles who make me feel like a child again!

louis-chabert-familyWhich causes do you support?

I have a daughter with severe cerebral palsy. Recently my husband and I discovered a form of therapy, the Anat Baniel Method, which I believe could help many people with the condition. My husband is studying to become a practitioner so we can assist families like ours in the future. Kids with special needs have so much potential and we want to be part of the community that creates a better world for them.

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Personal mantra.

No worries.

A Would most like to meet.

The person who can find a solution to our dependence on gas… I’m not sure if they have been born yet.

A Favorite time of day.

5 a.m.

A Last book you read.

At the Gates of Spiritual Science by Rudolf Steiner (Rudolf Steiner Press, 1986).

A Can’t leave the house without.

A smile!

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