International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica Open Learning Loft in NYC

dermalogica-new-york[Image: Courtesy of the International Dermal Institute]The International Dermal Institute, and Dermalogica announce a new location in New York City for skin care professionals, including spa and salon business owners, undergraduate students preparing for their licensing exams, and postgraduate students enhancing their skills as professional skin therapists.

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The recently opened Dermalogica Learning Loft located at 499 7TH Avenue, New York, NY 10018 replaces the former Midtown facility on East 38th Street. The revamped, 2,400 square foot location will host a full Dermalogica curriculum of 34 classes, as well as award-winning IDI classes, events and special invite activities in the open concept floorplan. Highlights of the multi-faceted space include an interactive classroom setting which features smart board technology, WiFi access — which enables students to download class notes and work from mobile devices when they attend classes, and an interactive store area with dedicated SkinBar for customer sampling –where Dermalogica accounts will participate in retail skill-building training in a live, real-time environment. Class offerings range from hands-on treatment training to ingredient technology and business-building tips from both Dermalogica and IDI curricula, with special monthly classes for undergraduate students. This space also will be a venue for the brand’s acclaimed Guest Speaker Evenings, where experts from IDI and the industry at large share their insights and professional expertise. It is anticipated that approximately 5,000 students will attend class here each year.

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In late 2016, Dermalogica opened new Learning Lofts in Pleasanton, CA and Boston, MA. For students who may be unable to attend class in person, instructors are now able to teach via internet streaming (d streaming) of all Dermalogica classes, allowing students to join remotely for a full interactive learning experience.

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