CIDESCO’s Top 10 Tips for the Total Guest Experience

CIDESCO-makeup[Image: Courtesy of CIDESCO]

CIDESCO, the world standard for beauty and spa therapy has introduced a series of special months and awareness days to encourage its members to continually educate and improve their own careers, staff and businesses.

Starting with ‘Total Guest Experience’ month running throughout February and March, CIDESCO has created some tips to guide and help to improve the guest experience. Anna-Cari Gund, President of CIDESCO, says “Our guest’s experience should be at the forefront of our mind at all times. Even when you continually perform treatments to a high standard and maintain a positive reputation it is important to keep evaluating your service to make sure it’s the best possible, improving not only your Total Guest Experience but also raising the bar and standards in our ever developing industry.”

The ‘Total Guest Experience’ can be improved in a number of ways but here are Ten Top Tips from CIDESCO to implement each day:

1.      Remember to keep the quality of your mind-set front of mind throughout the day i.e. Ask how am I feeling? Do I have lots of positive energy?

 2.      With any problem remember that you have only two options: One to improve your perspective and two to remove yourself from the problem.

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 3.      Try to focus on the present. When you’re totally in the moment, delivering a treatment, both you and your guests have the most rewarding experience.

 4.      First impressions really do count so ensure that your appearance and the attitude you project is presenting yourself in the best way – a way that you wish to be remembered and recognized.

 5.      Remembering details about your guest’s last visit can help them to feel more relaxed and cared for – even the smallest detail about a conversation can help.

 6.      Go one step beyond what is expected, which will not be the same with every guest but will be noted by each.

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 7.      Support your team in front of your guest or refer to the services of a peer which will remind your guest that there is an entire team dedicated to their experience.

 8.      Taking sufficient breaks isn’t just important for the physical quality of the treatment and your concentration but also for your energy and social efforts.

 9.      A genuine compliment should always be shared – you can help your guests to feel good in many ways.

 10.  Your final words can have a lasting effect, especially after delivering a treatment on a guest. Be sure to make them count.

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