Sonäge Skincare Introduces ‘New Natural Manifesto’ Promoting Non-Toxic Ingredients

sonage_vitality[Image: Courtesy of Sonäge]The skincare company is supporting EWG VERIFIED, the gold standard in the health and wellness certification.

Sonäge Skincare is setting a new standard for healthy skin. Creating solutions for the professional spa industry for more than two-decades, the company has introduced the “New Natural Manifesto” to educate and empower skincare professionals and consumers how to make safe skin care choices.

The New Natural Manifesto:

–  Sonäge strives to manufacture the cleanest, most efficacious skincare available on the market-honoring our 20-year European heritage.

–  Sonäge is committed to spreading the word of non-toxic beauty to estheticians and spa owners.

–  Sonäge promotes the use of the EWG Skin Deep database and EWG safe products to educate consumers on what’s good for them.

“As a consumer, I fell in love with Sonäge because I no longer had to choose between results-oriented and safe skincare. I became involved professionally with Sonäge because I could relate to the mission and vision of the company,” says Anisha Khanna, CEO of Sonäge Skincare “Since taking the helm, my goal has been to analyze every ingredient for safety, while retaining the quality and beauty of the original line that is a favorite among estheticians. We have been raising the bar even higher by aligning our brand with the Environmental Working Group.”

“EWG Skin Deep show consumers the products that are the best for health, based on all of the latest science, and identifies the worst offenders,” says Khanna. “We recommend that estheticians and consumers consult the Environmental Working Group Cosmetic Ingredient Safety Scale and stick to those products that are rated 4 or lower, preferably with a green rating. You can even use the EWG app to scan barcodes from your phone. We want estheticians to view beauty as a health choice, not solely a cosmetic one.”

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