Global Wellness Summit Announces Four European Economists as Keynote Speakers


The  four high-profile European economists will be presenters at the conference taking place from October 17-19 in Austria.

This year’s Global Wellness Summit (GWS)  will have a powerful focus on the future of wellness, David Bosshart, CEO of the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute; Barbara Kolm, director of the Austrian Economics Center; Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, Associate Professor at Oxford and co-editor of the World Happiness Report; and Thierry Malleret, co-founder of The Monthly Barometer, will analyze the key economic, geopolitical, social, technological and environmental trends now unfolding that will radically change our world, and re-write the wellness “concept” and market in the future.

“With uncertainty the new ‘certainty’ (i.e., Brexit, new waves of terrorism and political populism, lightning-fast technology and climate change), we want delegates to hear from top economic strategists who can help them see beyond the reactive short-term, and grasp the most critical changes on the horizon that will transform the world and the wellness market,” said Susie Ellis, GWS chairman and CEO. “These are provocative and prescient thinkers…and I encourage delegates to fasten their seatbelts.”

The Global Wellness Summit is an invitation-only international gathering that brings together leaders and visionaries to positively shape the future of the $3.4 trillion global wellness industry.

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