Spa News: Chanel Spa to Open at Ritz Paris This Year

Inspired by the “art of skincare,” the first-ever Chanel spa is set to open at the end of this year at the Ritz Paris.



The Ritz Paris recently announced that Chanel au Ritz Paris, the first Chanel-branded spa, will open at the end of this year at the newly-renovated luxury hotel. After Coco Chanel made the space her home for over 30 years, the Ritz Paris is the perfect setting for the skincare-focused spa, which will “provide guests with a unique sensorial and customized experience inspired by Chanel’s art of skincare.”

After 3 years of renovations, the Ritz Paris will welcome Chanel au Ritz Paris within its Ritz Club. Though details are still limited, the spa, described as “a new beauty concept dedicated to Chanel’s skincare,” is set to open at the end of 2015 in the newly updated – yet still charming – hotel.

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