Dermalogica FITE Recognizes International Women’s Day with Female Founders

dermalogica-fite[Tracy Gray and Jane Wurwand; Courtesy of Adamsville Photography]

Started at the United Nations, each year International Women’s Day events are held worldwide with global gatherings, events, performances and exhibitions, predominately in New York and DC. Now more than ever, there’s a strong call to action in Los Angeles, as the event comes on the heels of Mayor Garcetti’s recent proclamation of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day in Los Angeles.

“I believe we should all do our part to give other women the opportunity and skills needed to be self-sufficient and successful,” shared Jane Wurwand. “Our FITE initiative does just that – providing women access to education, vocational training, small business loans and leadership skills. International Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity to gather other successful female entrepreneurs to share some of our insight with women who are looking for inspiration and advice.”

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Los Angeles is one of the top innovation centers of the world, attracting people from around the globe to come pursue their dreams. Dermalogica founder Jane Wurwand was one of those passionate entrepreneurs, emigrating to Los Angeles in 1983 to start what has since become a global skincare business that has trained more than 100,000 skin therapists across the world. After three decades of work in an industry whose vast majority of ownership and workforce is female, Jane established FITE in 2011 to help support women entrepreneurs everywhere.

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To-date, FITE has provided scholarships to girls in 15 countries and funded over 91,000 business loans for women in 68 countries. The just-announced Entrepreneurship Accelerator is a new model of online, purpose-driven education that fills critical business skill gaps to help small business grow to scale.

dermalogica-founders{Sonya Kay Blake, Carisa Janes, Colleen McKeegan, Iris Alonzo, Jane Wurwand, Kate Somerville, Carly de Castro, Tracy Gray, and Natalie Byrne; Courtesy of Adamsville Photography]
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