Pevonia Academy Offers Educational Opportunities

Image courtesy of Pevonia.Image courtesy of Pevonia.For nearly 30 years, Pevonia has supported countless industry professionals around the world in more than 130 countries. The company’s foundational and unending educational ethos is to constantly ignite a burning passion within each industry professional for their career of choice.

Beyond the standard licensed aesthetician or industry professional knowledge base, the Academy’s post-graduate advanced learning curriculum empowers participants to become in demand professionals with a superior retail and service skillset. Each Academy experience is available at numerous cities and at the Pevonia corporate headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida. Attendees are immersed into the evolving world of wellness with an insightful focus on all things skin.

Class 1: Reading Between the Lines – Understanding the ‘Skin Within’: Natural Solutions for Clinical Conditions

Learn how to expertly identify skin imbalances; treat skin conditions and prescribe skin treatments that correct, protect, and maintain optimum skin health. Obtain in-depth comprehension of how lifestyle and skin habits contribute to ageing and the crucial first steps of correction.

Class 2: Peel & Reveal – Clinical Knowledge for the Advanced Treatment of the Skin

Learn how to choose the appropriate chemical peel for your client’s needs; understand the healing process, and preform pre & post-operative result-driven procedures with confidence.

Class 3: Addressing Adult & Teen Acne from the Inside Out

Learn the effects of Acne Medication on the skin and explore natural remedies. Learn how clinically proven skincare treatments can effectively treat acne conditions. Includes the importance of safe and thorough follicular extractions with Clear-O-Zym Enzymes Freeze Dried Peel and how to offer customized acne programs.

Class 4: Age Defense – Trending Anti-Aging Ingredients & Effective Treatments

Advanced approach to skincare starts with an understanding of the aging process and effective ways to combat cellular damage. Discover innovative technologies in delivering specific formulas with clinical results. Includes mastering the Pevonia Exclusive Ant-Aging Massage.

Class 5: Pevonia WellnessFusion Lifestyle Workshop

An interactive workshop complete with the latest wellness trends. Start your morning with a yoga inspired clarity-to-confidence activity; allowing optimum learning on incorporating wellness therapies into your service menu. Create signature indigenous spa treatments and offer a customized wellness journey for your guest’s Ultimate Pevonia Experience. Includes a demonstration of Pevonia award-winning WellnessFusion De- Aging Massage utilizing Amma and Shiatsu methods.

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