Study: Chemical Peels Ideal for Dark Undereye Circles

Chemical-Peels-Undereyecopyright Getty Images

A Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology study revealed that chemical peels are a more effective, tolerable and satisfying procedure for periorbital hyperpigmenation (dark undereye circles) than injections of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Researchers randomly divided 42 patients into two groups: One received four sessions of chemical peeling using trichloroacetic and lactic acids, while the other underwent four sessions of PRP injections at two-week intervals. Digital photographs were used to assess outcomes based on a four-degree scale, ranging from poor to excellent.

In the chemical peel group, 38 percent of patients had excellent results and 47.6 percent had good results, while only 4.8 percent of the PRP contingent had good results and zero had excellent improvement. Some of the chemical peel patients experienced itching (14.3 percent) and redness (14.3 percent), while PRP patients experienced pain (23.8 percent) and edema (14.3 percent).

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