Florida Chiropractic Association’s 2018 LMT of the Year Award Presented to Dolly Wallace

fca-dolly-wallace[Image: Debbie Brown, Dolly Wallace, Lynda Solien-Wolfe, Jennifer Durr, Michael McGillicuddy and Jennifer Porro; courtesy of Performance Health]Massage therapist Dolly Wallace was presented with the Florida Chiropractic Association (FCA) 2018 LMT of the Year award at The National by FCA held in Orlando, Florida last month. The award was created in 1997 to honor massage therapists who perform outstanding service to the massage and chiropractic professions.

As a native of Muskegon, MI and long-time resident, Ms. Wallace has run her own massage therapy practice for 30 years in addition to working with her husband at the Wallace Chiropractic Center. She is the immediate-past president of the American Massage Therapy Association and has served on its national board of directors multiple times. Ms. Wallace is a campaigner for fair regulation of massage therapy, both nationally and in her state. She was instrumental in establishing licensing of the massage therapy profession in Michigan, is a strong advocate for massage therapy as part of integrative care, and has been published in the Pain Practitioner. Ms. Wallace received AMTA’s National Distinguished Service Award in 2010 and the National Outstanding Volunteer Group Chair Award in 2006.

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“I am delighted to extend my congratulations to Dolly, an admired leader in our profession and a friend,” stated Lynda Solien-Wolfe, Performance Health, Vice President, Massage & Spa. “She has made a huge impact across the massage and chiropractic professions through her ability to develop strong relationships and expand the understanding of the benefits of true collaboration.”

“We are so appreciative of Dolly’s support, not only as a leader in the AMTA, but as a regular attendee of The National,” said Debbie Brown, CEO, FCA. “Her chiropractic physician husband maintains an FCA membership even while practicing in Michigan. They come to The National on a regular basis, enjoying the synergy between the massage and chiropractic professions. Dolly appreciates the FCA’s recognition of the valuable role massage plays in effective chiropractic care and the FCA’s efforts to build collaboration between the two professions. In her leadership role, she continually promotes the value of chiropractic-and-massage teamwork to the massage world. This award is a tangible way to thank Dolly for her efforts.”

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Upon receiving the award, Ms. Wallace said, “I am both humbled and honored to receive this award from the Florida Chiropractic Association. It is truly awesome to have Doctors of Chiropractic recognize the value of massage therapy.”

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