Stunning Body, Stunning Skin: Do Remodeling and Shaping Procedures Work?

zemits-advance-esthetic[Image: Courtesy of Advance Esthetic]As a society we are now at the point where we clearly understand the correlation between excess weight and declining health, so we are finally starting to move towards a healthier lifestyle, better food choices and more exercise. It is not all about how we look, but rather about the quality and longevity of life. One of the hardest things to achieve is staying in shape. Weight loss and especially remodeling and shaping of the body have proven to be rather difficult to accomplish—and for some almost impossible. Because of that, we are constantly looking for the new, revolutionary, and the cutting edge—something that will ease the process. You can be the one to help your clients lose the fat and shape their body just by adding a cavitation slimming body massage to your beauty practice. So, spoiler alert right from the get-go: There are advanced cavitation treatments for remodeling and shaping the body and YES, they work! Here’s how.

The Slimming Procedures

Q: What is cavitation?
A: Cavitation is a nonsurgical method of destroying fat cells. The treatment uses ultrasound waves that target fat cells and literally make them collapse. The membrane explodes and leaks out a substance that is naturally disposed of through the body’s detox system. Cavitation only works on fat cells; it’s unable to engage any other cells, as they are impervious to any ultrasound action. So the skin and surrounding tissues aren’t harmed in any way.

Q: How does cavitation work?
A: The machine is used on determined areas of concern, emitting ultrasound waves that quickly heat up the fat cells. Vibration from the heat breaks the cells’ membranes, and fat cell substance (triglycerides) leaks in between the cells. Then lymphatic and metabolic systems get to work, quickly removing those contents from the body. Cavitation machines have been extensively studied and the effects are well documented. Numerous clinical studies have shown results of up to 22-pound loss in just a few months. Your clients will likely have noticeable loss in inches right after their first cavitation treatment. We urge you to look up the cavitation success stories and share yours on your website; they’ll bring in clients guaranteed.

Q: Is it FDA approved?
A: Yes, the Advance Esthetic machines are cleared by the FDA.

Q: Is cavitation equally effective for everyone?
A: Yes and no. Yes, everyone can benefit from cavitation, as it is also a great skincare treatment. But the treatment would not be effective for severely overweight or obese clients. And in cases of extreme loose skin after significant weight loss, or similar post-pregnancy issues, the best option would be to refer your client to a plastic surgeon for a consultation.

Results also vary from treatment to treatment; some people lose weight much faster than others. You should always carefully explain the process to your clients, and remind them that this isn’t a magical transformation. They must also eat healthy, exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Q: What is the price for the cavitation session and what is the recommended number of sessions?
A: The final cost will depend on the area of the body being treated and the number of sessions required. The price for one session can vary between $250 to $350. The number of sessions also varies from person to person, but the general guidelines are just a couple of sessions for one small area. For multiple areas of the body, the minimum number of sessions would start at 10 sessions with weekly intervals.

Q: How can the fat-reduction machine sculpt and shape the body?
A: Cavitation is an effective tool to combat cellulite. Secondly, slimming equipment suppliers and manufacturers that lead the beauty market always pair the cavitation treatment with other advanced treatments that show outstanding shaping and sculpting results. Tandems like cavitation + radiofrequency (RF) or cavitation + vacuum massage can boost structural protein synthesis that starts a healing cascade, tightening and lifting the skin, and bringing back the elasticity.


1. Your clients can get rid of fat in the most difficult of zones on the body. For people who have unsuccessfully tried for years to get rid of stored fat on their inner thighs, hips, tummy, buttocks or arms with exercising and dieting, it literally takes a few cavitation treatments to help vanish the stored fat.
2. The treatment is safe, painless and noninvasive. There is no downtime whatsoever.
3. Results are often compared to those of liposuction surgery.
4. Vital protein synthesis offers a lifting and tightening effect.
5. A boost of elasticity.
6. A natural avenue for fat reduction.
7. Fat loss is evident after the very first treatment.
8. Few common contraindications that you’ll have to consider. Cavitation isn’t recommended for those with diabetes or medical implants—mostly ones containing metal like pacemakers. All types of cancer are on the list of contraindications. Avoid treating those with skin infections or skin injuries. Pregnant and lactating women should postpone the treatment.

Slimming & Shaping Machines

Slimming machines for sale at Advance Esthetic are those of outstanding quality, user-friendly with FDA certification. They are high-tech, professional body slimming equipment perfect for medical centers, spas and beauty salons, and for those working from home or on the go we have options that are compact and easy to transport, set up and dismantle. They are easy to use, efficient and affordable.

Cavitation treatment is often paired with other fantastic advanced beauty procedures. This is a great way to invite a lot of “it treatments” into your business with just one machine. At Advanced Esthetic, we have the best multifunctional cavitation machines: There are 3-in-1, or even 5-in-1 ultrasonic cavitation machines that will attract new clients in no time. Multifunctional machines are often made for treating both face and body. At Advance Esthetic you will find cavitation with RF-lifting or cupping massage functions; bipolar, tripolar or multipolar RF for face and body; and many more.

We have selected the most efficient devices with the highest quality, functionality, and reliability. All of our machines have a warranty certificate and, in addition to the best customer service, there is also our pride and joy: our training and practice programs with professional beauticians on site ready to advise you on anything.


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