5 Steps to Promote Your Spa on TV—Without Spending a Penny

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In the dynamic realm of spa management, where the digital landscape often takes precedence, the prospect of television advertising may seem like an unattainable luxury for those operating on a limited budget. Fear not, spa managers and owners: There are strategies that will allow you to promote your spa on TV without shelling out a single penny.

If you've previously grappled with underwhelming results from PR agencies or hesitated due to budget concerns, this guide aims to inspire and demonstrate that, with a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, TV promotion is within your grasp.

Years ago, when I started my own business, I didn’t have budget to hire a PR agency. So, I learned how to do it myself and I’m sharing my knowledge with you! Follow these steps to start getting exposure on TV for less than a penny.

1. Craft a Compelling, Timely Story

The foundation of any successful TV promotion lies in a compelling narrative that captures the essence of your spa. Your story should spotlight what distinguishes your spa from the rest, whether it's a unique service, a commitment to sustainability or a special connection with the local community.

This narrative serves as the core of your promotional efforts, and its potency can make your spa stand out even on the tightest of budgets. However, if it is not timely, then you may want to wait for the results a bit longer.

When I say “timely,” I mean that the events that are happening now, e.g., special days like Mother’s Day. If you create a unique event for moms around Mother’s Day and invite TV stations, it’s more likely that they will come to you. It should be done a few days before Mother’s Day; they will capture the event on their camera and play it close to the special day, enticing viewers to book appointments.

2. Leverage Local Outlets

Rather than aiming for national exposure, focus on local media outlets as your starting point. Local television stations often feature community programs dedicated to showcasing businesses in the area.

Take the initiative to reach out to these stations, offering your spa as a compelling local story. Craft a persuasive pitch that highlights your spa's contribution to the community or its distinctiveness.

Wondering how will you be able to find the TV producers? It’s easier than you think. Start with LinkedIn or other social media platforms. Once you identify them and find their contact details, establishing personal connections with journalists and producers is invaluable for securing free publicity.

Attend local events, networking functions and media gatherings to introduce yourself and your spa. By establishing relationships with media professionals, you increase the likelihood of being featured in their coverage.

The key is to understand that they need you more than you need them! It’s their job to produce fresh, TV-worthy content every day.

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3. Invite Media to Spa Events

This is huge! Create a buzz around your spa by hosting events aligned with your brand story. Whether it's a wellness workshop, a beauty seminar or a charitable initiative, these events provide excellent opportunities for local television coverage. Extend invitations to local TV stations, emphasizing the relevance and appeal of your event to their audience.

4. Utilize Social Media

Speaking of spa events, remember to develop short, visually appealing video highlights of your events and share them on social media. They will need to capture not only the event, but also your spa's atmosphere, services and customer testimonials. Share videos on your website, social media and local community websites to enhance your spa's visibility.

In general, you want to harness the power of social media to create engaging content that showcases your spa's unique offerings. Share behind-the-scenes glimpses, client testimonials and any local recognition or awards. Producers often scour social platforms for compelling stories, making your spa more likely to catch their attention.

Let’s not forget that many TV producers keep their contact details on their social media platforms, so being present in social media will benefit those connections as well.

5. Find Community Access Channels & Influencers

Again, local is gold—whether you are just getting your foot in the door or you have already been covered on TV. Explore the potential of community access channels, which often allow local businesses to air content at no cost. Craft engaging content that highlights your spa's unique offerings and community involvement.

You can also expedite that process by partnering with local influencers. Identify influencers in your community whose values align with your brand and invite them to experience your services. Encourage them to share their experiences on their channels, providing your spa with valuable exposure to their followers.

If they have also been on TV, they may even make an introduction to the friendly producers they know.

When I started, it took me months to learn the ins and outs of how to get on TV. I remember working on my very first pitch—for 10 hours! Now, it only takes me 10 minutes. It’s all about finding the right TV producers and sharing a timely story.

What’s important to remember is that television promotion does not need to be a financial burden. By weaving a compelling story, leveraging local media outlets, fostering relationships with journalists, hosting events, creating engaging video content, collaborating with influencers and exploring community access channels, you can effectively promote your spa on television without denting your budget.

Embrace creativity, tap into the essence of your community and watch your spa shine on the small screen!

Edyta Satchell, founder and CEO of Finelle (www.finelle.com), is a renowned corporate executive, speaker and wellness practitioner. She is a certified integrative nutrition health coach who has more than 20 years of global travel leadership experience. Her book, Beauty and the Travel Beast, helps travelers overcome health and wellness challenges related to travel. Satchell helps spas rejuvenate their revenue by creating customized, modern and comprehensive sales programs.

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