Palmaïa's Architects of Life Wellness Program Promotes Holistic Healing of the Mind, Body and Soul

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Palmaïa has created a wellness program called The Architects of Life.
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Wellness tourism is continually attracting savvy spa-goers who are looking for a new and unique experience while traveling that supports a healthy mind, body and spirit. Palmaïa - The House of AïA, a wellness retreat in Riviera Maya, Mexico, combines spirituality and personal growth with nature to produce a holistic experience that nourishes travelers from the inside out with healthy conscious food, natural treatments, organic music sessions and its holistic wellness program.

In collaboration with the retreat's personal growth guide and shaman Balder, Palmaïa created a wellness program, The Architects of Life program, that allows guests to explore their physical body and subconscious through a series of ancestral rituals and practices that connect themselves and nature. The program includes more than 20 classes, rituals and ceremonies that promote personal growth to understand their connection to nature.


Meditative mind game Gravity Control uses rocks and other objects in nature to test and manipulate the force of gravity. Gravity control makes one focus on tactile sensitivity while controlling their breathing. Meditative physical exercises to achieve control of the mind and cessation of internal dialogue and anxiety.

The Gratitude Ritual is meant to honor each’s ancestors, in gratitude to those who preceded them. Each participant will raise their intention of healing for their entire lineage to heaven and prepare an offering that each one will then deliver to the elements. The ritual will be accompanied by music and sacred songs.

The Meditative Concert class fuses sound vibrations from multiple instruments and frequencies that put the mind and body in a deep meditative and restful state. Multi-musical vibration heals the psyche and spirit, leaving the participant feeling calm.


The retreat offers Hatha yoga, a branch of yoga that includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), which help bring peace to mind and body, preparing the body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation, and therapeutic yoga combined with breathwork and guided meditation. 

Ancestral Dance is a reserved space in the program to free the body, allowing travelers to explore movements to release everything that does not allow them to the inner sacred place, to their home, or to themselves.

Chi Kung, or Qi Gong, is a medicinal therapy of Chinese origin that belongs in the same group as other therapies such as Tai Chi or Reiki. All of them come from the oriental tradition and support their principles on the importance of channeling vital energy properly.


Constellation classes are useful to discover and release the root of situations that we want to improve in love, health, money, and relationships.

Deep Healing Mantras create powerful effects of positive transformation to the human psyche. This meditation class uses mantras to help participants focus, concentrate and heal. Balder will talk about topics related to human nature to awaken the shaman that’s inside each of us.

Forgiveness Ceremony is an experience that helps participants identify, recognize and release emotions and physical ailments through forgiving others, asking for forgiveness and forgiving themselves. It is a guided meditation accompanied by music.

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