2021's Top 8 Wellness Spa Trends

Woman getting ayurvedic treatment

Resetting our lives is the driving force influencing wellness trends as we move into 2021. The continual challenges of the global pandemic and various environmental disasters have affected and awakened people to the importance of repurposing their health and daily practices, personal finances, careers and family dynamics. These impacts are changing trends quickly into whole health wellness with a resolve to attain self-spirituality for peace, mind clarity and body strength—and the ability to regain control.

Spa has its place in all of this, too: The return to wellness services with holistic botanical discoveries in products and services, fulfilling trends, revolutionizing business and establishing a reinvention of distinct wellness rituals and purposes will be integral to people’s ability to reclaim their health and well-being. The following eight trends are taking over the world as we look to the future.

1. Sleep and Rest

Right now, people are realizing that true energy comes from good sleep and rest. It’s imperative for health because it reboots the body to reduce pain, heal and restore energy, which in turn helps guard people from the noise, toxins, pollution and poor lifestyle habits that attack the nervous system.

Plenty of practices can promote better sleep and rest, such as yoga integrated with brain training and restorative poses, rituals adding Shiatsu, and marma point modalities coordinated with meditation and breathwork. These practices focus on bringing the systems down to reboot up, aiding body mechanisms for peaceful rest and sleep.

Products for meditation and energy will also be popular, predominantly including healing herbal and plant formulas within mixology bars, where professionals can sell and educate clients about product aids and service programs.

2. The New Age Dynasty

Generational and age trends are dramatically being altered. No longer will clients over 60 years old seek services that address signs of aging and help them stay fit. This age group has created and established itself as the “New Dynasty.” These spa-goers are younger, healthier, sexier and more intellectually astute than their predecessors.

They’re also a driving force in markets for new trends and wellness improvements for a better lifestyle, particularly when it comes to defined marketing strategies. Simply analyze the ebb and flow of your clients and improve business targets based on who is actually walking in the door. This trend alone can carve a larger definition in spa menus.

3. Cultural Lifestyles

Cultural lifestyle health traditions are reemerging, thanks to lasting, established therapies that encourage longevity and wholesome living. This includes the newest Japanese research into stress barometers for improving mental health; ancient practices of aroma and sound enlightenment; Japanese morning bathing rituals; and reverting to simplicity with the primary purpose of body and skin cleansing and hydration. These trends will bring spas to the forefront, allowing clients to indulge in the oldest antiaging health rituals and longevity practices, such as Ayurvedic herbs for diet and self-care; Indonesian breathing and head treatments; yoga breathwork combined with diffusers filled with healing distillates; and room melodies and sounds of familiar peace notes from organic instruments.

For a more modern focus, additional wellness spa therapies will be introduced, such as Ayurvedic herbs in organic nature facials; or products that deeply balance, heal and improve skin health to further strengthen its immunity to pollution and stress.

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Bonnie Canavino has a spa and beauty industry career that spans more than two decades, with degrees in cosmetology, design and chemistry. She has held positions in spa management, as well as at Revlon and Bioelements. In 2007, Canavino created the Red Cherry Group Corp/DBA Red Cherry Certified Organic Lab, and pioneered the formulation of three wellness and organic day spa brands. She believes spa is an integral part of everyone’s journey toward health and happiness.

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