Spa Health: Post-Cancer Fatigue

Help clients battling post-cancer fatigue regain their energy with these helpful tips.

The battle against breast cancer is just that—a battle, and it takes its physical and emotional toll. Women who’ve recently prevailed in that battle often find themselves with a lingering reminder of their experience in the form of persistent fatigue. Fortunately, complementary and alternative therapies are often effective in helping cancer survivors regain their normal levels of energy. If any of your spa’s clients are fighting post-cancer fatigue, share these suggestions from the Mayo Clinic with them:

Perform gentle exercise. Get an OK from your doctor to exercise a few times a week, adding more as your energy allows. Walking, swimming, yoga and tai chi are good options.

• Manage stress. Stress-reducing activities, and techniques such as muscle relaxation and visualization, are recommended.

• Express feelings. It’s likely that a portion of the fatigue is emotional, and processing feelings will help. Consider journaling, joining a support group or seeing a counselor.

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