MesoJet Infuses Skin with Serums in 3 Unique Models

Skin Science Solutions MesoJet
The MesoJet process is focused on restoring hydration through infusing skin with serums.
Photo courtesy of Skin Science Solutions

MesoJet is a new device from Skin Science Solutions available in three unique models: Radiofrequency, HY-PO (Hydroportation) and HY-PO RF.

The MesoJet process is focused on restoring hydration through infusing skin with an exfoliating serum followed by a hydrating serum. The series of facial treatments dramatically improve appearance and texture while diminishing the noticeable signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles and skin discoloration.

MesoJet HY-PO is a needle-free transdermal infusion that painlessly delivers highly active, regenerative ingredients like peptides, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid deep into the dermal layer. The jet stream of micro-droplets penetrates deep, carrying the active nutrients to the dermal foundation. The skin barrier is renewed and repaired, wrinkles are softened, age and sun spots are visibly reduced and the skin is left with a surge of moisture.

MesoJet Radiofrequency has special settings that generate controlled heating of the lipid bilayer, allowing an RF treatment only a few minutes after an infusion of serums. The nutrition provided with the hydroporation is highly functional to the RF procedure that is performed immediately after. MesoJet RF is also able to make the skin barrier more permeable, thus optimizing the penetration of the active ingredients delivered with the hydroporation procedure.

Skin Science Solutions MesoJetPhoto courtesy of Skin Science Solutions

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