Wellsystem Wave Relaxation System Addresses Multiple Types of Stress

Wellsystem Wave (5)

The Wellsystem Wave is a holistic massage relaxation system that addresses multiple types of stress. The high-performance hydro-jet massage system does more than just relax muscles, it also includes invigorating chroma, aroma, sound therapy and soothing meditation routines.

The Wellsystem combines heat and pressurized water for a full or partial body massage. The airless system creates a quiet and consistent environment for warm water jets to massage the body from head to toe. This massage experience treats the individual by kneading, pummeling, rubbing and pressing muscles to relieve tension.

The intensive massage has an effect on the deeper layers of tissue, loosens tension and can help to alleviate pain. The Wellsystem Wave offers massage programs developed with multiple wellness experts, which can be individually adjusted to body size, shoulder width, massage pattern and pressure to ensure each program offers a customized experience for the client.

All settings can be changed at any time during the massage. Choose between upper body or total body based on desired results and choose desired massage pressure settings from gentle kneading to a powerful and deep experience.

Main Benefits:

  • Energy boost: Increased Circulation
  • Healthy back: Relieves tension and strengthens the back
  • Strong shoulders: Ideal for tense shoulders and neck
  • Pure relaxation: A feel-good massage for the whole body
  • Fit legs: Alieves tired and heavy feeling in the legs
  • Relaxed Fitness: To warm up or relax after training, the muscles are effectively loosened
  • Easy to use and customizable with large touchscreen display
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