Earthlite Conforma Lux Adaptive Chest Comfort System Improves Spine Alignment and Reduces Chest Discomfort

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Earthlite Conforma Lux Adaptive Chest Comfort System is a new optional feature for its award-winning treatment tables. The Conforma Lux’s proprietary adaptive recess system (ARS) creates an accommodating recess area that conforms to the unique shape of each individual, aiding in spinal alignment and reducing pressure points and chest discomfort during face-down treatments for both men and women.

The system is integrated into the cushioning system, eliminating the hard fixed cavity common among existing systems. With discrete, client-controlled electronic adjustments, clients can tailor a luxuriously padded recess, ensuring maximum comfort and optimized spinal alignment.

“We believe that the adaptive design of the Conforma Lux dramatically improves client comfort for a broad range of diverse body types relative to that provided by current systems,” said Melissa Mazzola, director of business development for Earthlite. “We expect this to be a highly desired feature on our future treatment table orders”.

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