Reset Bioscience Wellness Shots

Resetbioscience Wellnessshot

RESET Wellness Shots are lipid-encapsulated, ingestible supplements that promote immunity, energy, brain health, hydration and beauty. The advanced technology in these supplements uses liposomes to take a more direct route to the cell, delivering up to 80% bioavailability. 

These wellness shots are meant to be used on a daily basis. The shots are gluten free and dairy free, and they come in five different wellness categories. 

  • Immunity Shot in Blood Orange Flavor. This immunity shot features viamin D3, L-glutathione, vitamin C, zinc and magnesium for defensive support to promote optimal wellness year-round. 
  • Energy Shot in Green Apple Flavor. This energy shot features Methyl B12, Nicotinamide, L-Tyrosine and vitamin B6 for a daily dose of clean, lasting energy without the jitters. 
  • Brain Health Shot in Pineapple Flavor. This shot includes bioavailable Phosphatidylcholine, Phosphatidylserine, Methyl B12 and MCT to break through brain fog and support long-term brain health. 
  • Hydration Shot in Salted Watermelon Flavor. These hydration shots use electrolytes, nicotinamide, phosphatidylcholine, acacia and zinc to hydrate, refresh and replenish after a workout, night out or day at the beach. 
  • Beauty Shot in Berries a la Mode Flavor. These beauty shots use marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and phosphatidylcholine to hydrate, boost and support radiant, glowing skin.

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