4 Fitness Trends Set to Take off in 2024

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Experts predict that perfectionism, overtraining and quantity over quality will be out of favor in 2024.
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Fitness experts are predicting that consumers in 2024 will prioritize aging well, mental well-being, active recovery and social connection. Bay Club and Pickleball Pro Benjamin Grant have teamed up to share what they think will be trending and what will be falling out of favor in the fitness industry in 2024. 

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Experts predict that perfectionism, overtraining and quantity over quality will be out of favor in 2024 and consumers will instead focus on active recovery, socialized fitness and functional exercises.

1. Active Recovery

Taking time to recover from workouts has always been important, but now it's becoming the go-to after-work activity. Bay Club is seeing members meet up at the Sauna rather than grabbing drinks or a meal. Guests are becoming more concerned with recovery and regeneration, looking for gyms that offer specialized equipment like foam rollers, massage guns and cryotherapy, as well as regenerative programming like hot yoga and guided stretching

2. Combat Sports

The schedules at Bay Club have been packed with combat training classes for some time now. “Combat Club” at the Marin location is a 50-minute group fitness training platform that integrates components of Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, and Metabolic Conditioning to deliver one of the best experiences in combat sports fitness training

3. Training with Friends

Solo sessions in the gym are being adjusted to small group training and shared memberships at Bay Club. Group classes continue to be popular, but fitness professionals predict more interest in unique and customized formats, like high-intensity Tabata classes, myofascial stretching, tai-chi and dance-inspired group fitness programs.

4. Pickleball and Squash

Racquet sports will still reign supreme in 2024, specifically with Pickleball and Squash. Functional exercises consistently top the fitness trends list, reflecting growing awareness of how these moves can impact the enjoyment of daily activities and overall quality of life.

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