Immunocologie Skincare Partners with Blue Zones to Feature Select Products on Ecommerce Platform

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Blue Zones will feature select products from Immunocologie on its online store, including the Vital Clay Mask, Vital Ionic Mist and Lava Mask.
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Immunocologie Skincare has announced a new partnership with Blue Zones, an organization dedicated to helping people live better and longer lives through their identification and research of the world's longest-lived cultures. In its first-ever partnership with a skin care line, Blue Zones will feature select products from Immunocologie on its online store, joining other Blue Zones-endorsed products including longevity foods and beverages and Blue Zones publications.

The companies state that the partnership is due to Immunocologie's holistic approach to skin health, which is consistent with Blue Zones principles, supporting the skin's immune system by balancing its microbiome. The partnership will initially introduce three of Immunocologie's signature products to the Blue Zones audience – detoxifying Vital Clay Mask, a French green clay formula; Vital Ionic Mist, a topical wellness clay water spray; and a self-heating Lava Mask.

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Working with the skin's natural delivery system, the skin care line uses ionized water, purified, mineral-rich French green clay, marine algae and cold-pressed, fermented plant-based ingredients, including oil from baobab, desert date tree, grape, sunflower, moringa seeds and shea butter, to transport crucial minerals and vitamins to the skin's microbiome. Immunocologie also engages in sustainable partnerships with communities that provide the line's natural ingredients.

"It's easy to forget that our skin is the largest and one of the most important organs of our bodies," said Immunocologie founder, Karen Ballou. "Our safe and non-toxic ingredients and natural formulations mean that our pro-longevity products are supercharged, superfoods for the skin and body."

"Blue Zones principles include many lifestyle choices and cultural effects that collectively contribute to a better, longer life," said Ben Leedle, CEO of Blue Zones. "In combination with moving naturally, downshifting to destress, centering on a purpose, eating wisely, and staying connected, proactively caring for and maintaining our bodies' physical health is essential. Our partnership for skin health with Immunocologie provides an evidence-informed way to naturally boost well-being from the outside in."

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