Repechage Launches New Facial Massage and Mask Concept at Face & Body

repechage-face-body[Image: courtesy of Repechage]Lydia Sarfati, CEO and Founder of Repêchage Professional Skin Care introduced the West Coast to the new Repêchage Glow and Go services, which combines customized facial massage and new Repêchage express sheet masks for brightening, calming, hydrating and helping reduce the signs of aging. Attendees were also introduced to the new Repêchage Seaweed-Infused Sheet Mask Collection for at-home use and the re-launched Repêchage Perfect Skin Liquid Foundation, which now features an extended shade range and convenient pump.

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The new Repêchage Glow and Go menu contains four customized treatments that combine facial massage and express masks. These include:
· Repêchage Red-Out Calming Facial Massage & Mask
· Repêchage Biolight Brighten-Up Facial Massage & Mask
· Repêchage Lamina Lift Feel Uplifted! Facial Massage & Mask
· Repêchage Hydra Blue firming Facial Massage & Mask

“Facial massages ‘boutique’ and ‘gyms’ have been popping up at airports and department stores,” says Sarfati, “but these focus almost exclusively on massage. Estheticians can wow clients by pairing massage services with express mask treatments. These can be performed out in the open, in less than 30 minutes, and are a great way to introduce clients to skin care. And, if you are offering a full body treatment or massage, the facial massage and mask treatment is a fabulous upgrade.”

Professionals who add these services to their spa or salon offerings will receive step-by-step protocols on how to perform the customized treatments, as well as special spa menus to market the service.

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Attendees also were also introduced to the newly repackaged Repêchage Perfect Skin Liquid Foundation. The seaweed and mineral-based Repêchage Perfect Skin Liquid Foundation has expanded from seven to ten shades, with the addition of PS10 (Golden Deep), PS12 (Medium Deep), and PS 14 (Deep), and is now housed in a new, chic, redesigned bottle with a convenient pump dispenser.

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