Borboleta Beauty Names Two New Hires


The eyelash extension brand also promotes Kelly Rae Clark to director of training.

Borboleta Beauty adds two new employees to their staff and also promotes Kelly Rae Clark.


Name: Genevieve Tuenge

Job title: Creative Director

Instagram: @genevievetuenge

Spirit animal: Dolphin

Favorite Borby product: Borby Eyelash Makeup Bag

Lashing aside, what’s your favorite beauty product or secret?
Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Primer is a miracle worker and MUST for all-day flawless foundation coverage!

Favorite activity outside of the office?
Horseback riding and tea parties with my daughter.



Name: Megan Tandberg “Tandy”

Job title: Vice President of Sales

Instagram: @tandylashlounge @megan_borboleta

Favorite Borby product: I have to pick one!?! CC curl lashes

Spirit animal: Tiger because I act fast when need be, trust my instincts and deal with matters spontaneously!

Lashing aside, what’s your favorite beauty product or secret?
I’m obsessed with Emme Diane skincare. It is the only thing that works for my acne!



Name: Kelly Rae Clark

Job title: Director of Training

Instagram: @kellyrae_borboleta

Spirit animal: I actually went on a meditation journey in the woods to figure this out! My spirit animal is an owl, it may or may not mean I have some level of psychic capabilities…

Number of years lashing: Seven

Favorite Borby product?
There’s too many to choose just one! But if I have too….I’ll say the No. 5 adhesive, it’s a game changer!

Lashing aside, what’s your favorite beauty product or secret?
There’s two things I can’t live without. Aveda Exfoliant and Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

Favorite activity outside of lashing?
I should say hanging with my four cute kids and my husband, and I ABSOLUTELY love being with them, but if I ever get a spare moment away from kids and work, you can catch me in Park City. Shopping, eating, or spa-ing.

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