Green Spa Network Partners With Presidio Graduate Students for Strategic Planning Process

presidio_students[Image: Courtesy of Presidio]

Do you need help starting or expanding your sustainability practices? Partner with Presidio Graduate School Students and get access to the latest thinking in sustainable business and policy. Teams in Presidio’s Operations and Production class partner with businesses like yours to create a comprehensive Operations Plan for your project.

Potential projects could include:

  • Calculating the carbon/energy footprint of your facilities – and developing strategies to reduce it.
  • Discovering more sustainable ways to improve workflow – in order to reduce the environmental footprint and save money.
  • Providing plans to reduce waste streams.
  • Identifying areas of your supply chain that are less sustainable and/or cost effective.

This Fall, the Green Spa Network partnered with Presidio Graduate Students for our strategic planning process. Their objective input and dedication to providing relevant, quality work has been invaluable and has exceeded our expectations.

“The chance to benefit from this powerful program is a rare opportunity that any business leader should jump on. Our engagement with the EL program has been a profound contribution to GSN and will empower us to continue making a sustainable future the reality for spa and wellness,” said Paul Schmidt, GSN’s Executive Director.

Project Outcomes
Once the Presidio team has determined the optimal approach, they create an Operations Plan that outlines the major steps or tasks necessary to complete your desired initiatives. They also provide tools and frameworks you can apply to future projects. Aspects of the report will include:

  • Demand Forecast Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Inventory & Logistical Planning Analysis
  • Sustainability Analysis
  • Profit and Loss Analysis
  • Organizational Plan Recommendations
  • Implementation Timeline

The team will then deliver their quantitative analyses and implementation plan recommendations to your business through a verbal presentation and a written report.

Organization Requirements
In order to participate in the Operations EL Project the company must have access to at least three years of data. Data needed is unique to the project, but can include metrics like cost per product/service, cost per employee, miles traveled, etc. The company must also provide a liaison who can spend 1 hour per week (on average) with the team.

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