Occhi’ Institute Opens State-of-the-Art Training Center Featuring Eye Tec

occhi-institute[Image: Courtesy Occhi’ Institute]The Occhi’ Institute for Lash & Brow training has expanded by opening a free standing training center just down the hall from its Lash & Brow Studio, where the staff of five highly trained technicians provide services to clients in Eyelash Extensions, Brow Services and Microblading. “Until we found the space down the hall, we had trained in our Studio, on our off days (Sun.-Tues.). When we decided on the space for the Institute it allows us to train five days a week, if we choose,” says Lynn La Palermo, who owns and operates both businesses with her brother Tom.

Lynn, who has been practicing esthetics for over 30 years, is a Certified Master Eyelash Artist/Instructor and Certified Master Micropigmentation Artist/Instructor. “The Institute was designed specifically for training, and we have added what we think is a paradigm shift in the way training can be conducted in the beauty industry. We have partnered with a well known sports training company to develop the EYE TEC system of assisted visual learning.”

Lynn’s brother Tom was instrumental in the development of the program and believes it can represent a shift in training philosophies for many protocols. “The student gets feedback of their work in real time on a 75″ HD TV during class and long after. The instructor is capable of taping a segment of the student’s work, editing in her comments on the student’s work, and also drawing instructions and helpful hints.”

This added value can continue with the student getting content video as well as additional critiques of her work.

To view comments from students, visit www.OcchiInstitute.com/Testimonials

Classes offered are:

Beginning Lash Class—2 days
Advanced Lash Class—1 Day (experienced lash artists only)
Volume Lash Class—1-2 days (depending on level of experience/only experienced lash artists)
Microblading Class—4 Days

All Classes include:

CEU Hours (No CEU hours for Microblading)
Instruction manual
Additional Audio Video consults (2)
Kit (value of $350-$700, depending on class)
Lunch daily

For more information, contact Occhi’ Institute at 630.785.6668, [email protected].

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