Web Exclusive: Four Questions To Ask Your Client Before Their Wax

Hot wax treatment
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Hot wax treatment[Image: Getty Images]Waxing has been around for what seems like forever, dating back to the ancient Egyptians, who removed unwanted body hair with a formulation made from beeswax. Waxing is popular for many reasons, including its ability to achieve superior results in comparison to other hair removal methods, as well as its high profit margin. Waxing creates a steady revenue stream for pros: As customers return, they see the long-term benefits of waxing and make it part of their beauty routine. In order to ensure that you’re able to offer the most comfortable waxing experience, it’s important to gather as much information as you can prior to beginning the service. Here are four questions to ask prior to waxing your clients:

  • What has your experience with waxing been so far?

This is a great opening question as it helps to break the ice with your client and create a level of comfort. It allows them to provide feedback on their previous experiences and let you know if they have any concerns. Based on their answers, you can customize their waxing service by selecting the most appropriate products for them. For example, a new client may be hesitant and nervous. Addressing their questions and concerns in advance will enable you to provide the best possible service. To ease their nerves, explain each step, the products you are using, and why. Use a quality hot (hard) wax with titanium dioxide in combination with a pre-waxing oil to calm redness and add an extra layer of protection. And strip wax for larger areas will ensure a comfortable, efficient and cost-effective wax.

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  • Are you currently taking any medication?

Prior to beginning the service, it’s crucial to know about any medications the client is currently taking or has recently taken, as there are certain medications that can affect the sensitivity of their skin. Medication containing Retin-A, Alustra, BenzaClin, Tactuo (Epiduo) and Acutane—and even medical treatments such as cancer therapy—may heighten sensitivity and thin the skin. By asking this question, you can better understand your client’s potential level of sensitivity. Using a pre-waxing oil with hot (hard) wax will add a further layer of protection.

  • Do you have any allergies?

Some waxes are made with natural ingredients (such as beeswax) or have added soothing agents (like lavender) that could potentially be an allergen for a client. Although reactions are quite rare, it helps to be aware of allergies ahead of time, as there are alternative options you can use to avoid a potential reaction. Waxes made from synthetic resins rather than beeswax are great for clients with allergies. It’s similarly important to consider the ingredients in any pre/post products you apply as well.

  • Have you been tanning in the last 24 hours?

Tanning 24 hours before waxing can increase the chance of skin irritation or abrasion. Although there may not be an obvious, visible sunburn, the skin may still be exposed and therefore more sensitive. It’s also recommended that clients avoid direct sun exposure for 24 hours after waxing, as skin will be at risk for increased sensitivity.

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