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As a skincare professional, you’ve doubtlessly encountered a wide range of skin reactions, from bumps and inflammation to rashes and disease. A new spa and beauty professional reference book digs deep into one of the most common, yet complicated and confusing conditions, dermatitis—how to recognize and treat it, and necessary preventive precautions.

Understanding Common Dermatitis (CBHE Publishing, 2011) is brought to you by Ginger K. Glomstead, 20-year cosmetologist and skincare educator, and author of 2010’s Common Disorders of the Skin, Scalp and Hair. The first half of the guide focuses on the three most common types of dermatitis—allergic, irritant and atopic (eczema)—and the second delves into the FDA’s role in labeling allergens and irritants, as well as dealing with reported dermatitis reactions. It all serves to make readers more aware of the importance of product safety and sanitation. The resource also includes images, a handy glossary, information on medical exams and testing, and additional online resources.

Says Glomstead, “This book was developed to create greater awareness, with an emphasis on safety, to assist in protecting professionals and clients.”

For more information, visit the Center for Beauty and Health Excellence.

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