[Well Tech] FitSwoop App Connects Clients With Wellness Centers

Fit Swoop App
Courtesy of FitSwoop

The FitSwoop app is now live. The app offers usera a new way to book in person health and wellness experiences, giving them access to classes and sessions at fitness studios and wellness centers.

So far, it's available to use in Boston, Washington and Toronto—with more on the way. 

FitSwoop lets users book by mood, type, time, price and location, and also offers up Swoop Packs that provide a combination of activities to achieve personal wellness goals.

"All the recent cultural events and the pandemic have changed the importance people have placed on their physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and the industry is about to embark on a renaissance," FitSwoop founder Madeline Wolkove and CEO Susie R. Lecker. "As part of this reset, we are proud to be leading with a brand that will work to democratize the fitness space by helping the next generation thrive, redefining what it means to be 'fit.'"

FitSwoop is free to download and requires no subscription or membership commitment.

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